Facelift Surgery

A facelift is a Plastic Surgery procedure that lifts the facial skin, removes excess wrinkles and repositions the deep layers of the face to a youthful position, through a carefully planned incision around the ear and in the hairline. A Neck lift is often included with a facelift to address the contour and aesthetic appearance of the neck.

The face is unique and conveys the way we look and express ourselves as individuals. As we age, our faces undergo changes that can result in wrinkles, volume loss, and a sagging facial appearance. A facelift can correct these age-related changes, rejuvenating and revitalising the face. Dr Zoumaras’ technique of High SMAS facelift executed with finesse ensures a dramatic and natural result that few surgeons offer.

Dr Zoumaras dedicates a day’s operating to rejuvenate the face with a High SMAS facelift and neck lift. This attention to detail and care sets Dr Zoumaras’ facelift technique apart and results in you having the best possible natural result that will boost your self-esteem and transform you.