Mummy Makeover Surgery

To mothers, having children is life’s most precious gift. Although a miracle of life, bearing children often wreaks havoc on a woman’s body. Sagging and lifeless breasts, loose muscles and excess skin in the abdomen, and stubborn baby fat are common traits many women are left with following childbirth. Women find that these transformations to the body are often irreversible, even with diet and exercise. Many women decide to help themselves feel confident again through Mummy Makeover procedures designed to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies.
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Learn about the types procedures that contribute to a Makeover Surgery by Dr Jack Zoumaras.

What can be achieved?

Plastic surgery of the breasts, midsection, and lower body can help you regain the pre-pregnancy body you deserve. Dr Zoumaras offers a variety of Mummy Makeover procedures to help you achieve results that are tailored to your anatomy and goals. Liposuction is commonly performed with every Mummy Makeover to further sculpt the body. The addition of upper back, arm, thigh, buttock, and vaginal contouring can be made to each Mummy Makeover procedure.

Breast Augmentation

Through an incision under the breast an implant will be placed to augment the contour, shape and projection of the breast. The options available include shape of implant, location of implant (under, above muscle or dual plane) and projection of implant. See more Breast Augmentation

A lift may also be performed to change the position of the nipple and significantly elevate the breast mound to a more youthful position.

Breast Reduction/Mastopexy

The breast tissue and nipple are lifted up to restore the youthful projection breast and nipple. This is achieved through a series of minimal incisions to keep scarring on the breast to a minimum and the breast may also be reduced in size if it is too large. See more Mastopexy and Breast Reduction.


Through a concealed incision made in your brief line the abdominal skin and fat is undermined and excess skin and fat (apron) removed permanently. The underlying muscle layer is also repaired and or tightened to restore the abdominal wall integrity. The end result is a youthful silhouette. See more Abdominoplasty.


All mummy makeover patients receive liposuction of the abdominal wall, flanks (love handles), inner and outer thighs, upper arms and axilla. This helps to transform the body back. See more liposuction.

Fat Transfer/Buttock Lift

The fat aspirated from liposuction can be prepared and injected to augment the buttocks as part of the mummy makeover. See Brazilian Butt Lift


The inner labia can be contoured to create a harmonious perineal area as part of the mummy makeover package. See labiaplasty

Before After
67 Year Old Abdominoplasty + Breast Lift
Before After
45 Year Old Abdominoplasty + Liposuction
Before After
37 Year Old Abdominoplasty + Liposuction and Breast Augmentation


4-6 hr

2-3 nights in hospital

2 weeks unsociable

Qualified facelift plastic surgeon:

- World expert Dr Jack Zoumaras
- Qualified Anaesthetist, Accredited hospital

Results: Augment, lift or enhance your breast and flatten your tummy.

Priceless investment

You will feel:

Confident in the body that you deserve, reclaim your breasts and body, feel great in your own skin.

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Plastic surgery of the abdomen, body and breasts to give you your pre-pregnancy/ideal body that you deserve… “The art of enhancing beauty”

What Can the Mummy Makeover Do?

Common Concerns

All patients are required to wear a compression garment to support the operated area and to minimise bruising and swelling. Suction drains may be used for the first 24 to 48 hours. Breast surgery patients should wear a sports bra or surgical bra for several weeks after surgery. Most patients will have to stay overnight in hospital for close monitoring. Incisions should be kept clean. Medications are prescribed to aid in healing, ease discomfort, and reduce swelling. It is expected that most patients need up two weeks off work.

Scarring will depend on the incisions used and the procedures/techniques employed. Dr Zoumaras makes the incisions as discreet as possible. Although scarring comes hand in hand with surgery, scars will eventually fade and become less noticeable.

The exact cost of your Mummy Makeover will be determined during your consultation. Prices vary depending on the extent of correction needed. Other factors such as location, hospital fees, surgical fees, and anaesthesia fees can all affect the ultimate cost of your Mummy Makeover.

Minor discomfort and tenderness are common following a Mummy Makeover. Medication can be used to control any associated pain.

Patients should lose as much excess weight as possible and then maintain a stable weight for several months before surgery. A healthy diet and exercise regimen and refraining from unhealthy habits, such as smoking, are highly recommended.

Results are expected to last many years. However, some patients may need to replace their breast implants in the future. Changes in the breasts and body can develop due to weight fluctuations, ageing, hormonal factors, and gravity.

Recovery will depend on the patient’s level of healing and the procedures performed. Typically, downtime is around two weeks. Patients should refrain from physical activities during this time. Working out and strenuous activities should be avoided for six weeks.

Women who have had multiple pregnancies are common patients who desire a Mummy Makeover. It is important that patients have already tried diet and exercise to achieve their goals and have been unsuccessful. Patients should be physically and mentally healthy for surgery. The best patients are done having children and have waited at least one year after childbirth and three months after breastfeeding to consider surgery.

All Mummy Makeover surgeries are performed with the patient under general anaesthesia.

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