Calf Implants

f-calf implantsAt Artiste Plastic Surgery Calf Implants are performed for the following reasons:

Those who lack calf definition despite weight training

Those seeking an augmented calf

Anatomy of the Calf

The calf consist of the powerful pair of gastrocnemius and soleus muscles and overlying fascia and skin.

Patients either have developmentally small calf muscles all they have undergone atrophy (reduction in size) due to trauma, nerve or degenerative causes.


An incision is placed in a crease behind the knee and a sub-fascia pocket made for the calf implant. A silicone shaped calf implant is then placed into the pocket made.

The patient is then discharged and required to wear calf stockings for the next 6 weeks.

It is recommended to refrain from physical activity such as running for at least 6 weeks while the implant settles into the new position.

The procedure will be illustrated in detail and you will be given a detailed instruction sheet on expected post-operative course and potential complications during your consultation with Dr Jack Zoumaras.

It is recommended that you are a stable weight for at least 3-6 months to obtain the best possible results.

It is advised to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before and after surgery.