Vivace is a state of the art new technology that combines Radio-frequency with Micro-needling. The results will change the Plastic Surgery space and non-surgical facial rejuvenation market.


Artiste Plastic Surgery in Sydney is home to the brand new technology “Vivace” which combines Radio frequency and Needling to rejuvenate the face, improve acne and minimise scarring and bruising.

This treatment is a non-surgical lunch time procedure that takes approximately one hour. Down time is near zero and you can return to work. The immediate effects are a blushed face that over the next few days leaves you feeling fresh with a beautiful glow.

Vivace works by heating the skins deep cells with radio frequency and physically needling the cells causing a controlled trauma. This results in the skin undergoing a mild inflammatory reaction that increases blood supply, growth factors and longer term new collagen formation. The instant results include an instant glow and shiny skin. In the longer term the skin tone improves and facial wrinkles begin to disappear.

The process begins by cleansing your skin and applying Local Anaesthetic numbing gel for 25 minutes. The therapist then uses the device to deliver radio frequency micro-needling to your face and neck regions. Some bleeding from the micro pin points may occur but this is minimal. The procedure is not painful and you can return to work or social activities instantly.

This technique is more advanced and effective than existing Needling techniques such as dermapen, dermaroller and simple needling. The reasons is that the needling is fractionated, deeper and combined with radio frequency.

Vivace can be used in all ages groups and specifically improves tired looking skin, wrinkles on the face, wrinkles around the eye, scarring, pigmentation and other blemishes. A specific hand piece and depth can also be used for Acne scars which gives people another option for the treatment of Acne Vulgaris scarring.