Adult Content. Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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international plastic surgery sydney

International Patients

Dr Jack Zoumaras is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon that only performs Facelift surgery at Artiste Plastic Surgery in Sydney, and regularly consults with and performs surgery on patients from overseas. Patients have travelled from London, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta and Los Angeles to name a few places. World class face and neck lift surgery is available in Sydney, why travel to a less repuatble medical system when you can travel to world class city Sydney and have world class Facelift surgery by Facelift Plastic Surgeon Dr Jack Zoumaras.

Dr Jack Zoumaras has authored a book on Facelift surgery and has presented on the International stage lecturing on Facelift surgery. He has appeared in numerous magazines, papers, radio and TV and regularly has visiting plastic surgeons watching his Facelift technique. There is also an international fellow program offered by Dr Jack Zoumaras where Plastic Surgeons from around the world are trained in Facial surgery for 6 months. This speaks to the reputation that Dr Jack Zoumaras has built at Artiste Plastic Surgery for 10 years to be an international Facelift destination. We offer all types of facelifts and Dr Jack Zoumaras does not do a one size fits all facelift like many international surgeons. Dr Jack Zoumaras offers Deep Plane Facelift, High SMAS Face and Neck Lift and Modified Pony Tail Facelifts together with Deep Neck surgery. The Facelift offered to each patient will be the one that gives the best result for them not the one that is trending. This ensures the optimal result for you as Facelift surgery is about you.

Dr Jack Zoumaras, Key Note Speaker

Step by Step Out of Town Process

Learn about the types of facelift procedures Dr Jack Zoumaras offers and why patients commonly consider a neck lift.

International facelift patient Process:

1. Email or Phone Us

Speak to our lovely staff about our Facelift options and book a video consultation to discuss your Facelift. Logistics and possible dates can be offered at this stage to help with your planning.

2. Video Consult

A audio-visual consultation via Zoom with Dr Jack Zoumaras to discuss your Facelift. Photos will be reviewed and a surgical plan created specific for you. The surgery can then be scheduled and logistics organised for you.

3. Follow Up

If required, a further audio-visual consult can be offered to fine tune your Facelift surgical plan (for example to confirm Face, neck, eyelid and brow surgery).

4. Book Surgery

Time to lock in your Facelift. Artiste can and will arrange your flights, transfers to and from the airport and your accommodation and even food and hair appointments. We accept international currency and Bitcoin for payment.

5. Facelift Surgery Time

Arrive in Sydney at Artiste. Dr Jack Zoumaras will see you the day(s) before surgery. Your transformation will occur in hospital where you you will remain in hospital for one night. You will then be seen and looked after by Dr Jack Zoumaras and Artiste staff over the next week(s).

6. Final Goodbye

Dr Jack Zoumaras will see you the day before you fly back home. Photos and how the next few weeks will look, will be discussed. You are now part of our Artiste transformation family for life.

The first step is to contact our office and arrange an hour long video consultation with Dr Jack Zoumaras. Prior to the consultation you will be asked to forward photos of the area that you want to transform (this is recommended but not essential).

During the video consultation, it is treated as a normal consultation. Everything that is done face-to-face is done via video. This includes history taking, outlining your transformation goals, and discussing your options on what we can do. A presentation on your procedure will be shown by sharing the video screen and showing you before and after transformational photos. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions, and a detailed quote will be presented and then provided electronically via email.

As with all Face to Face patients a follow up 15-minute video consultation will then be organised to give you the chance to ask any more specific questions (that may arise once you have time to digest all the information), and we can then organise the next steps for surgery.

Much like booking an overseas holiday and planning your hotel transfers and day-to-day activities, the same can be organised and arranged for plastic surgery.

Once we have decided on a date for surgery, Artiste can assist you with logistics such as flights, accommodation, transfers and even food. Regardless of the type of surgery that you are having Dr Zoumaras will see you Face to Face prior to the surgery (day before or whenever you arrive into Sydney) and complete the physical examination and make any small adjustments to your transformation.

Any implant or garment orders will be arranged for you.

Your surgery will be performed at an accredited hospital with accredited anaesthetists and you will be seen again prior to your surgery by Dr Zoumaras. After your transformation you will remain in hospital for one night before seeing Dr Zoumaras, and then you will be discharged and sent to your accommodation (that we would have pre-arranged). All necessary medications and dressings will be provided to you and you will have our dedicated 24/7 access to Artiste’s nurse (and Dr Zoumaras if necessary). We will be with you at every step of your journey.

After surgery you will be required to remain in Sydney for at least 7 days to ensure you are healing and that all sutures and dressings can be attended to. You will be seen at Ariste every 2-3 days and by Dr Zoumaras prior to being allowed to return home.

In the next few weeks follow up will be arranged via zoom and we hope you visit Artiste when in Sydney so we can see your transformation in person!

Dr Zoumaras tips for out of town patients

You will be supported every step of the way.  We make it our mission to stay connected and available to all our patients throughout their journey.

  • We recommend booking a fully flexible return flight or at least a one way ticket to begin with, to allow you the flexibility of choosing your return flight without limitations.
  • For foreign patients we can provide documentary support for your surgery to assist with migration.
  • For your own comfort, ensure that you pack clothes that are comfortable and easy to put on or take off (loungewear is a great option, with button up tops, as these are easy to remove).
  • Bring a book or two.
  • Ensure you have your phone and laptop charges including adapters.
  • Let us take the stress away by organising accommodation (we have contacts with hotels to ensure that you get a great deal). Let us arrange your transfer

Hear from some of our out of town patient's

At Artiste Plastic Surgery our goal is to provide you with a welcoming, individualised and attentive experience, whilst maintaining and respecting your privacy at all times.

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