Web Videos

Introduction: Meet Dr Jack Zoumaras

Facelift: Learn about Dr Jack Zoumaras's approach to the face

Rhinoplasty: When less is more

Neck lift: As seen in Vogue

Breast Augmentation: Dr Jack Zoumaras runs through the various options available in todays breast implants

Abdominoplasty & Mummy Makeover: See the results by Dr Jack Zoumaras

The Foonotes Graduate Tour meets Dr Jack Zoumaras

Anti-Ageing Anatomy

Artiste Introduction to the Practice

Ear Reconstruction

Introduction by by Trusted Surgeons

A Surgeon You Can Trust

Cosmetic Tourism Caution

Surgical Risks

Qualifications of a Surgeon

Plastic Surgery v Cosmetic Surgeon

Lip Injection Journey by Domenica

Pinch Blepharoplasty with Dr Jack Zoumaras Facelift Plastic Surgeon

The Thinkergirls see Dr Jack Zoumaras

Beautyheaven reviews and talks to Dr JZ about "Vivace"

May 2018 Face Lifts: Dr Jack Zoumaras speaks to the private Facebook group for Plastic Surgery Hub