Lip Lift

A lip lift will glamorise your lip and nose area and enhance the lips. It can will restore a youthful mouth region in teh older patient and works wonders with a facelift. (link to facelift page). And lets provide a link from facelift page to Lip lift.

The terms bull horn lip lift, lip lift and centra lip lift all mean the same thing. A lip lift will do exactly that, it will lift the upper lift. Through a carefully planned incision that follows the anatomy of the nose and base for the columella, skin and fat is removed and the upper lift lifted.

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Surgical Information

Lip Lift

A lip lift can be used in isolation or as part of a facelift to enhance the result.
The vertical distance between the nose and the lip is aesthetically more youthful when it is smaller. Some patients have vertical maxillary access and this distance is large. A lip lift will soften this look by reducing the distance.

The secondary and important benefit of a lip lift is it will increase the vertical height of the upper lip. Essentially giving you a lip augmentation without any dermal fillers.

A bull horn follows the curve of the philtral column and alar base and resembles the shape of a bull.
If you remove 5mm of skin then the lip will lift around 2.5 mm accounting for stretch over time.
A lip lift will aim to leave approximately 10-15 mm from the base of the nose to the upper lip red vermillion border.

Corner of mouth lip lift

Corner of the mouth lip lift Is a variant of the lip lift that aims to lift the corners of the mouth.

It is used in patients that have a sad look or corner of the mouth that is droopy. This can be an ageing related feature or normal anatomical variant.
A facelift cannot lift the corner of the mouth.

The incision is placed on the red vermilion border of the corner of the lip . Skin above the corner of the lip is then removed and sutured together lifting the corner of the lip and mouth.

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