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Dermabrasion works by providing a physical abrasive force through a diamond burr to cause  controlled injury to the skin. The skin responds by healing with firmer collagen and less lines.

A chemical peel causes a controlled chemical injury to the skin. This then promotes the skin cells and collagen to re-model during healing which helps with blemishes, skin tone and fine wrinkles

A chemical peel is added with a Facelift to assist in rejuvenating the skin.

At Artiste Plastic Surgery our vision is to help you look great one step at a time, and this is only achieved when you are happy. Dr Jack Zoumaras prides himself on providing elite Plastic Surgery and elite customer service, to ensure that your journey as our patient is exceptional.  We want you to be happy, and we will go over and above, because we genuinely care for our patients.

Dr Jack Zoumaras has dedicated his Plastic Surgery profession to surgery on the Face as this was his area of interest since the start of his internship as a doctor. Further to this he has been inspired through his work in the best facelift centres around the world from San Francisco to New York and Paris, where he learned from the best, to become one of the best. Dr Jack Zoumaras has been invited by his peers to teach on Facelift anatomy and to present to other Plastic Surgeons on the international stage. Despite Dr Jack Zoumaras never saying that he is the best, he has been told by other Plastic Surgeons that he is the next up and coming Face lift Plastic Surgeon.

Outside the surgery anaesthetic and hospital fees other fees include blood tests and any x rays that may be necessary. Occasionally physiotherapy is also required but these items will be discussed as needed. For body and breast surgery a compression garment will need to be purchased for your own post operative comfort.

Artiste Plastic Surgery is based in Sydney, and is led by world trained and acclaimed Face Expert and Specialist Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Zoumaras.  It is a high-end, elite clinic that offers world class service and professionalism, this means we only use state of the art hospital facilities that are safe and accredited. Some surgical procedures attract medicare item numbers, which means if you have a health fund, the hospital fee may be partly covered or covered entirely. If you are having  a Facelift or if you do not have insurance then there is a hospital fee to pay. This hospital fee represents the time in surgery and accommodation in the hospital. This is to reimburse the hospital staff involved with your surgery, ultimately keeping you safe, (there are a minimum of 3 nurses in the operating theatre at any one time). The fee also includes consumables, such as dressings, sutures, medications and food when you are recovering. The other key figure in your surgery is the anaesthetist who safely puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep throughout the duration of your surgery, and then manages your pain post operatively. Along with the Plastic Surgeon, and his assistant, there is a minimum of 5 personnel in any surgical theatre at any one time.

As you can see having an operation is a team effort that follows a number of procedures and protocols much like a plane does to take off and land and as such, it does require a financial investment, in order to get the transformation that you want.

The anaesthetic fees ranges from $500-650 per hour of surgery, and if the surgical procedure itself takes 1 hour, you often need to take into consideration another 30 minutes for transitioning you to sleep and waking up. Hospital fees can vary from $2000 to $7000 for 1-6 hour surgery.

Having plastic surgery is a personal choice. There are variable factors that come into play. How experienced is your surgeon, does he/she have expertise in that specialised field of work. Not all surgeons have the same skill level, much like not all builders, designers, hotels, and restaurants are at the same level. Dr Jack Zoumaras is an internationally trained elite Plastic Surgeon, with world acclaimed Facelift and Rhinoplasty expertise. Dr Jack Zoumaras constantly gets invited to discuss and teach other plastic surgeons about plastic surgery and Facelifts.  He is also a reviewer for medical journals and chairman of the state Society of Plastic Surgery. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to Plastic Surgery, you need to put yourself in the hands of an expert. After all plastic surgery is something you do only once, maybe twice in your entire lifetime.

Cosmetic surgery in Sydney by Dr Jack Zoumaras is expensive. Artiste Plastic Surgery is an exclusive and high-end clinic led by acclaimed Sydney Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Jack Zoumaras who is also a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is a branch of Plastic Surgery and takes extra years of technical training to develop an elite skill level to get you the results you want. As cosmetic surgery is often a once-in-a-lifetime procedure, you need to ensure that you are in expert hands, this is imperative to your results and ultimately your self-confidence. Dr Jack Zoumaras has trained with the best Plastic Surgeons in New York, Paris, San Francisco and Milan and offers his patients an elite, world-class service with outstanding results. You do pay for what you get, and you can read real patient stories here (link).

Plastic Surgery is expensive because you are paying for an investment in yourself, and you are investing in the right surgeon, the expert in your area of need, whether that be for a transformation of your face or breast/body. It takes a minimum of 10 years after becoming a doctor to qualify to become a Plastic Surgeon. Plastic Surgeons then spend time specialising overseas and that combined with practice experience ensures that they become experts in specialty procedures.

You are investing in this wealth of experience, technical skills and finesse, much like you trust a commercial airline pilot to be able to fly a plane and keep you safe. Plastic Surgery is something that will empower you to feel confident in who you are, how you look and how you feel.

Dr Jack Zoumaras is a qualified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who has completed a subspecialty fellowship in Aesthetic surgery in New York and Paris. This unique skill set in combination with his commitment to patient care, drive and passion will ensure you will have a positive experience.

Artiste Plastic Surgery is The destination to Look and Feel Great. We are located in a hidden part of Darling Point in Sydney’s East to ensure your privacy. Dr Jack Zoumaras leads a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable team that will assist you throughout your journey. Whether it's ordering you an Uber, providing travel assistance or organising appointments we will aim to make your journey seamless.

The initial consultation is $350 and follow up consultations are $160.

A GP referral is not required for a consultation, however to claim Medicare benefits it is a requirement. A GP letter is recommended.

Please bring your Medicare card details, private health and any third party or work cover insurance details. Any relevant X-rays and blood tests are also helpful with your consultation.

Dr Jack Zoumaras will spend just under an hour with you to take a medical history, perform a physical exam and discuss the procedure relevant in detail. You will also be given a quote for your surgery.

Yes, more than one is recommended prior to undertaking plastic surgery. This enables you to go through procedure information, risks and to ask any questions that may come up after the initial consultation.

Part of the consultation fee can be claimed through Medicare with a relevant doctor’s referral to Dr Jack Zoumaras. As such we recommend obtaining a doctors referral prior to your first visit with Dr Zoumaras at Artiste Plastic Surgery.

Dr Jack Zoumaras operates at a number of locations including (but not limited to), North Shore Private, North Shore Specialist Day Surgery, East Sydney Private and St Luke’s Private.

Part of the surgical fee may be claimed if there a Medicare item numbers associated with your surgery. Dr Zoumaras will go through this with you during the consultation, but you will need to check with your Health fund and Medicare directly.

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