Surgical Journey: Facial, Breast and Body Procedures

Dr Jack Zoumaras, Key Note Speaker

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Learn about the typical journey our customers take when embarking on a procedure with us.

During your first consultation at Artiste Plastic Surgery you will meet Dr Jack Zoumaras, who is a Plastic Surgeon. Dr Zoumaras will take a full medical history and perform a clinical examination. He will listen to what you want out of surgery and explain what procedure is best. A presentation of the various techniques available will be discussed. The option that is best for you will be recommended by Dr Zoumaras and this procedure will be explained in detail with visual aids, diagrams and before and afters. This enables you to understand what exactly is involved with the surgery. The routine post-operative course and complications of surgery will be discussed. Photos will then be taken.

Your surgical plan is unique to you as Dr Zoumaras does not box operations to patients. Every patient has an individualised tailored treatment.

For facial procedures, a facial nerve, eye, neck and skin exam will be undertaken to assess your face. The surgical effect of a facelift will then be demonstrated on your face and neck. If you are undergoing a Rhinoplasty, your jaw will be assessed to see how this fits in with your overall nose and facial relationship. For eye procedures, your eyelids will be assessed for laxity.

For breast procedures, standard measurements and drawings of your breast will be taken to facilitate pre-operative planning and post-operative comparison. The measurements will give you a guide of the position of the breast after surgery. If you are having a breast augmentation, you will be measured and fitted with breast implants depending upon your desired size and projection.

For body procedures measurements will be taken to guide the operative course and a general abdominal exam performed to diagnose scars, striae and hernias.

At the conclusion of the consultation you will be provided with a brochure on the procedure discussed as well as a post-operative information sheet which outlines the potential complications discussed.

A surgery date can be booked, but it will be recommended to present for a second consultation.

The second consultation with Dr Zoumaras enables you to ask any further questions about the procedure and to book surgery. At this time implants, garments and hospital admission forms will be completed. Changes in breast implant size can still be made at this time and up to the day of surgery in most cases.

During this period the staff at Artiste Plastic Surgery will call you to ensure you have the necessary instructions for the day of surgery and to ensure all your questions are answered. Our anaesthetist will also call to discuss your anaesthesia on the day of surgery. The hospital will contact you the day before surgery to advise you of fasting and arrival times. Your implants and garment will also be ordered and ready for your surgery.

Any relevant medications (blood thinners) will be asked to be ceased prior to surgery including some herbal medicines. You may be asked to use eye or nasal drops prior to facial surgery.

You will meet Dr Zoumaras prior to going into the operating room where final drawings and any questions answered. Thereafter the anaesthetist will discuss your anaesthetic and the plan for pain relief when you wake up.

During surgery you will be cared for by multiple team members as Dr Zoumaras only works in accredited/licensed surgical facilities. Dr Zoumaras will perform all aspects of the procedure himself with the aid of an assistant if necessary who will be a Plastic Surgeon in training.

You will be fitted with a surgical dressing and a garment at the conclusion of your surgery.

Immediately after surgery Dr Zoumaras will see you in recovery and ensure you are comfortable and pain free. Depending on the type of surgery you may go home or will be admitted in hospital.

Discharged Home same day: You will be contacted the next day to see how you are going with your recovery.

Admitted to Hospital: You will be seen the next morning and every day you remain an inpatient in hospital.

You will be seen by Dr Zoumaras until all your wounds are healed. This usually is at one, two and six weeks and occasionally three months.

Dressings will be removed and the wound inspected and cleaned. Sutures will be removed and a scar management plan instigated.

Any remaining sutures will be removed and your wounds dressed until 100% healed.

Photos will be taken and you will have a chance to see before and afters.

Scar management will continue.

All wounds have a tensile strength of only 20% compared to un-operated skin at 10 days and 60% at 6 weeks. Hence it is often advised to avoid any activity for the first 10 days and any activity thereafter depends on the type of surgery.

Every surgery and every patient heals and recovers differently. The following information is a guide to your recovery.

Facelift: It’s advised to wear your facial garment full time for 2 weeks and then nightly for 6 weeks. You may return to work and light physical activity after 10 days

Eyelids/Brow: Continue using eye drops in the first week. You may return to work and light physical activity after 10 days.

Rhinoplasty: Nasal spray will be prescribed for the first 10 days. You may return to work and light physical activity after 10 days. No contact sports for 6-8 weeks. No boxing for 12 weeks.

Breast Augmentation: A support bra is to be worn for 6 weeks. You may return to work after 2 days. No strenuous physical activity for 6 weeks. No lifting greater than 5 kg in the first 10 days. No lifting heavier than 8 kg between 10 days and 6 weeks.

Breast Lift/Reduction: A support bra is to be worn for 6 weeks. You may return to work and light physical activity after 10 days. No heavy lifting (>8kg) for 6 weeks.

Abdominoplasty: A support garment/binder is to be worn for 6 weeks. You may return to work after 10-14 days. No heavy lifting for 12 weeks.

Liposuction: The relevant area will have a garment on for 6 weeks. You may return to work and light physical activity after 10 days.

Body Lift: Garments will be worn for 6 weeks. No heavy lifting for 6 weeks. You may return to work after 2-3 weeks.

Labiaplasty: A pad is used as a dressing for 2 weeks. No sexual intercourse for 6 weeks. Return to work and light physical activity is okay after 10 days.

Brachioplasty: The arms will have a garment on for 6 weeks. You may return to work and light physical activity after 10 days.

All post-operative visits are included in the fee.

Sutures will be removed during the first post-operative visit on the face.

You will see the doctor the day after surgery and at one week.

The dressings that are applied in surgery remain on for up to a week unless instructed otherwise. In some circumstances you will be asked to apply an ointment antibiotic over the wound edge if there is no direct dressing.

Immediately apply 5-10 minutes of direct pressure with one or two fingers only. This should stop most bleeding. If bleeding persists or you are worried in any way please contact Dr. Zoumaras immediately.

You may get the wound wet after 7 days. It is advised to avoid soap till the sutures are removed and pad dry the wound when finished bathing.

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