Out of town Patients

Dr Jack Zoumaras Mainly consults and operates in Sydney, but is expanding.

Dr Jack Zoumaras also consults and operates out of Griffith (NSW), Albury (NSW) and Adelaide (SA). Please feel free to ask us about an appointment.

Patients from out of town and interstate can have a consultation with Dr Zoumaras and subsequent surgery if suitable.

Our Process

Skype/Telephone Consultation

Dr Zoumaras can offer a direct Skype/phone consultation for an initial discussion of surgery. To facilitate this discussion you will be asked to send photos prior to the phone call. To make an appointment simply telephone +61 2 9327 1700 and our lovely staff will schedule a phone consultation at a convenient time. Skype/Phone consultations are booked for 30 minutes.

Second Interaction

Following this initial telephone call a subsequent call may be made or a formal face to face consultation scheduled when in Sydney. This ensures that you have been given ample time to consider surgery and ask questions.

Next Step Surgery

Following your phone consultations surgery will be booked. Any blood tests or x-rays can be arranged in your home town. Once a date for surgery is confirmed you will be given ample time to ask further questions via phone or email and a face to face will be scheduled in Sydney the day prior to surgery. This face to face interaction enables a formal meeting, complete physical examination and clarification of any aspects of the surgery. Specific instructions will be provided to enable you to seamlessly travel between accommodation, clinic and private hospitals when in Sydney. A list of appropriate accommodation and other lifestyle needs will be offered and arranged for you at your request.

After Surgery

Depending on the type of surgery you will be required to stay in Sydney anywhere between 2 and 10 days.
Subsequent consultations can be done over the phone with photo supplementation and if needed Dr Zoumaras can arrange a follow up with a colleague if you are unable to get back to Sydney.

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Updated Information for Covid-19

Welcome to Virtual Artiste Plastic Surgery

Artiste Plastic Surgery remains Open and we are continuing to see patients via Video Consultations. Surgery will be planned and deferred to a future date, once we have directive from the Ministry of Health.