If you want to look less tired, more rejuvenated and fresher then a Facelift is the solution. A Facelift will make you look younger but many of our patients at Artiste Plastic Surgery just want to look less tired and feel fresher and more confident.

A Facelift is a Plastic Surgery procedure that lifts the facial skin, removes excess wrinkles and repositions the deep layers of the face to a youthful position, through a carefully planned incision around the ear and in the hairline. A Neck lift is often included with a facelift to address the contour and aesthetic appearance of the neck. The result is a rejuvanted Face and Neck that looks fresh and will unleash your inner confidence.

The face is unique and conveys the way we look and express ourselves as individuals. As we age, our faces undergo changes that can result in wrinkles, volume loss, and a sagging facial appearance. A facelift can correct these age-related changes, rejuvenating and revitalising the face. Dr Zoumaras’ technique of High SMAS facelift executed with finesse ensures a dramatic and natural result that few surgeons offer.

Dr Zoumaras dedicates a day’s operating to rejuvenate the face with a High SMAS facelift and neck lift. This attention to detail and care sets Dr Zoumaras’ facelift technique apart and results in you having the best possible natural result that will boost your self-esteem and transform you.

Dr Jack Zoumaras, Key Note Speaker

Video: Two types of facelift procedures

Learn about the types of facelift procedures Dr Jack Zoumaras offers and why patients commonly consider a facelift.

What can be achieved?

Lift and Tone Sagging Skin

As we age, the collagen in our skin begins to break down, causing our facial tissues to become weak. Eventually, gravity pulls on the tissues and causes them to droop. Excess, sagging facial skin usually occurs below the cheeks and along the jowls. A facelift will lift and tighten your sagging skin, restoring tone and a youthful facial appearance.

Smooth and Improve Wrinkles

Wrinkles develop in areas of the face that experience the most movement. Typically, this is around the eyes and mouth. Trimming away excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue helps smooth and improve the appearance of wrinkles, targeting both the eyes and mouth. Dr Zoumaras’ technique also ensures natural blending of the skin along the cheeks and around the eyes.

Restore Volume and Eliminate Jowls

As fat and skin become displaced, fatty jowls can develop and your cheeks can appear sunken. Fat is repositioned in the cheeks and along the jawline to improve facial contours and restore lost volume. Replacing fat along the cheeks can enhance your youthful appearance. Targeting fatty jowls improves the contour of the neck and crafts better definition at the jawline.
Before After
49 Year Old Short Scar Facelift
Before After
53 Year Old Ultimate High SMAS Facelift
Before After
64 Year Old Ultimate Facelift and Neck Lift


3-6 hr Procedure

1 night in hospital

2 weeks unsociable​

Qualified facelift plastic surgeon:

- World expert Dr Jack Zoumaras
- Qualified Anaesthetist, Accredited hospital

Results: Firmer skin, lifted jowls, rejuvenated neck.

Priceless investment

You will feel:

Confident, fresher, younger and less tired and feel great!
You will not look fake, just rejuvenated.
Artiste Plastic Surgery Sydney | Dr Jack Zoumaras

Face Lift Packages

Artiste Celebrity Package

Artiste Ultimate Facelift Makeover

  • Full High SMAS Facelift (exclusive by Dr JZ)
  • Full Neck lift
  • Structured Fat Transfer and Grafting
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
  • Brow lift
  • Chemical Peel
  • Dermabrasion
  • 8 hours operating time
  • Overnight Hospital Stay
  • Once in a Lifetime Surgery
Artiste Special Occassion Package

Artiste Ultimate Face and Neck Lift

  • Full High SMAS Facelift (exclusive by Dr JZ)
  • Full Neck Lift with Skin, Muscle and Gland Contouring
  • Structured Fat Transfer and Grafting
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Chemical Peel
  • Dermabrasion
  • 6 hours operating time
  • Overnight Hospital Stay
  • Once in a Lifetime Surgery
Artiste Luminosity Package

Artiste Signature Face and Neck Lift

  • Full Facelift with SMAS resection or plication
  • Optional: Full Necklift with Skin and Muscle Contouring
  • Structured Fat Transfer and Grafting
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Chemical Peel
  • Dermabrasion
  • 3 hours operating time
  • Day surgery or Overnight Stay
Artiste Signature Anti-Ageing Strategy Package

Artiste Short Scar Facelift

  • Short Scar Facelift with SMAS resection or plication
  • Incision around front of ear only
  • Structured Fat Transfer and Grafting
  • Lip Augmentation
  • 2 hours operating time
  • Day Surgery
Artiste Plastic Surgery Sydney | Dr Jack Zoumaras

Neck Lift and Mini Lift Packages

Artiste 12 Week Wedding Package

Artiste Ultimate Neck Lift

  • Full Necklift
  • Platysmaplasty and Myotomy
  • Skin and Fat Removal
  • Submandibular Gland Removal
  • Digastric Muscle Trim
  • 4 hours operating time
  • Day surgery or Overnight Stay​
Artiste Intensive 4 Week Wedding Ready Package

Artiste Signature Necklift

  • Full Necklift
  • Platysmaplasty and Myotomy
  • Skin and Fat Removal
  • 3 hours operating time
  • Day surgery or Overnight Stay​
Artiste Skin Glow Package

Artiste Liposuction Neck Lift

  • Neck Liposculpture
  • Fat removal and Neck Contouring
  • 45 min operating time
  • Day procedure, fast recovery
Artiste Signature Face and Neck Lift

Artiste Express Mini Lift

  • Rooms Procedure
  • Mini Lift-Around front of ear
  • SMAS plication
  • 1.5 hours operating time
  • Day procedure, fast recovery

Surgical Information

Dr Zoumaras’ preferred facelift technique is the Full Facelift/High SMAS facelift, but he will offer and perform Deep Plane Facelift or Short Scar Facelift in the younger patient with mild facial aging changes and wrinkles. In some circumstances a Pony Tail lift or Mid Facelift is the right solution. Let Facelift Plastic Surgeon Dr Jack Zoumaras assess your face and decide on the best possible Facelift technique to rejuvenate your face and get you looking less tired and more fresh.

The scar may follow or begin within the anterior temporal hairline, follow the ear and lobule, and continue behind the ear into the occipital hairline. This gives access to the entire face, eyelid, cheek, lower face, and neck.

Figure 1: Full Facelift Incision

The scar begins in the temporal hairline and goes along the ear tragus and below the lobule. This gives access to the midface, lower jowls, and upper neck.

Figure 2: Short-Scar Facelift Incision

The Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) is lifted to naturally rejuvenate the entire face and neck. The high design allows the midface and lower eyelid to also rejuvenate.

Figure 3: Typical Design, Lifting (A) and Inset (B) of a High SMAS Flap

Allows access for fat excision (directly or via liposuction), repositioning of neck muscles, correction of platysma bands, and excision of any prominent submandibular glands. Restoration of a youthful neck is complete.

Figure 4: Submental Incision

Figure 5: Re-draping of Facial Skin Allowing Removal of Excess Skin

Figure 6: Re-draping of Neck Skin Figure 6

Common Concerns

Most patients will stay overnight in the hospital so their initial recovery can be monitored. Immediately following your surgery, you may experience bruising and swelling. Drains will be placed to minimise excess swelling. You will see a nurse daily until your drains are removed.

Most patients return to work within two weeks of the procedure once the swelling has begun to subside. You can resume your regular physical activities after four weeks. Almost all major swelling should subside within six weeks.

You will be advised to sleep on a flat pillow or no pillow to avoid flexing your neck. You will be requested to keep talking to a minimum to aid in recovery of your face and neck. You will be advised to avoid chewing gum and avoid eating hot and spicy foods for five days.

All incisions are created in the hairline or around the ears, which masks most of the scarring that can develop. However, each individual heals differently, and it is possible for some scarring to develop. However, any visible scarring is likely to fade over time.

The exact cost of your facelift will be determined during your consultation. Prices vary depending on the patient’s extent of correction needed. Other factors such as location, hospital fees, surgical fees, and anesthesia fees can all affect the ultimate cost of your facelift.

Before Other factors. A combined neck lift, eyelid surgery and brow lift will also affect the cost of the surgery.

Minor discomfort and tenderness is common following a facelift. Medication is used to control any associated pain.

It is common for patients to combine other treatments and surgeries with facelift surgery to achieve total facial rejuvenation that cannot be achieved through a facelift alone. Commonly combined procedures include a neck lift, blepharoplasty, brow lift, skin peels, and/or dermabrasion.

Not all patients suffer from volume loss in the cheeks; some have excess fat deposits that create chubby cheeks. Buccal fat removal eliminates excess fat from the cheeks to improve your facial contour.

The quality of your results rely heavily on the person performing your procedure. Dr Zoumaras has specialised facelift training. His education, technique, and attention to detail allow him to achieve results so natural that nobody will be able to tell you’ve undergone surgery. Dr Zoumaras devotes a whole day’s operating to your face, which highlights the care and finesse he applies during surgery.

Any patients with visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, drooping skin, or volume loss are good candidates. This usually begins around 40 years of age and becomes more common among patients that are 50 or 60 years old.

All facelift surgeries are performed with the patient under general anesthesia.

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