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Breast Augmentation

The breasts are a symbol of femininity. For this reason, the size and shape of the breasts can influence how a woman defines herself. When a woman’s breasts are not proportionate to the rest of her figure, she may want to change her breasts to complement her physique. Considering many women are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, breast augmentation is among the top requested plastic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation offers women a chance to achieve the breast size and shape they have always wanted. Whether you have always had small breasts or you have lost volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, or weight loss, Dr Zoumaras can help you achieve the breast contours you desire.

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Achieved With Breast Augmentation


Many women who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts often find it affects how they feel about themselves and their bodies. Considering the breasts create curves that flow with the female physique, it isn’t surprising that the appearance of the breasts can make a woman feel insecure about her overall look. When the breasts are enhanced by changing the size, shape, and symmetry, a woman can feel confident. She will have proportionate breasts that complement the rest of the contours of her body.

Voluptuous Breasts

When the breasts are lacking in size and shape, they can be unflattering to the overall body. By having the breast shape and size augmented and making them look more pleasing and attractive, a woman can expect to have a more voluptuous chest. She can feel better about the look of her breasts and may even find that she can wear certain clothing styles she steered away from before.

Personally Tailored Results

With so many types of implants as well as placement and incision options, every breast surgery is designed to fit the individual’s goals and body shape. A breast augmentation patient can expect a personalised surgery that will fit her body and results that will complement her overall physique. Dr Zoumaras will create a tailored surgical plan that will provide you with breasts that suit your aesthetic goals.

Implant Fill


  • Filled with sterile saltwater
  • Physiological product
  • Not as natural looking as silicone breast implants
  • Risk of rippling


  • The preferred implant filler
  • Filled with silicone gel
  • Feels like natural breast tissue
  • Gel is form stable
  • Gel can be soft or firm

Implant Type


  • Curves of the implant are equal in all quadrants
  • Preferred for fuller upper pole
  • Preferred if you have a fair amount of breast tissue prior to augmentation
  • Preferred if you want the augmented look


  • Tear-drop implant
  • Curve and fullness of implant located in inferior pole
  • More subtle upper pole
  • More natural looking
  • Preferred in revision breast surgery

Implant Projection

For any given implant volume, the implant can vary in its projection. The projection of an implant is the highest point from its base best viewed from the side profile.

Low Projection

  • Peak of implant is low in comparison
  • Preferred in subtle breast augmentations


  • Projection of implant gives extra fullness and shape to the inferior breast border
  • Most common projection

High to Extra High

  • Projection is high
  • Preferred where there is skin laxity and a mastopexy/breast lift is required
  • Preferred for those that want an augmented look

Incision Placement

Infra-Mammary Fold (IMF)

  • The most versatile and used incision
  • Under the breast in the breast crease
  • Scarring will be hidden underneath the inferior aspect of the breast pole in the crease
  • Allows for placement of larger implants


  • Around the areolas
  • Offers patients a mild breast lift in addition to a breast augmentation
  • Slightly higher chance of infection
  • Useful for constricted breasts and repositioning the nipples


  • Through the armpit
  • Avoids any scarring on the breasts, and the incisions are hidden
  • Limited on size and styles of implants to be used; typically cannot be used for large silicone implants

Implant Pocket


  • Above the pectoral muscle
  • Direct contact with the breast gland gives more natural shape and size to the breasts
  • Not recommended for those with a small amount of natural breast tissue
  • Best placement for a breast lift


  • Beneath the pectoral muscle
  • Perfect for those with athletic and slim builds, and provides maximum coverage of the implant
  • Not ideal for those with a larger body frame

Dual Plane

  • Preferred technique
  • Blend of both pockets (subglandular and submuscular)
  • Offers advantages of both pockets: provides a natural shape and overall coverage of the implant
  • Custom dual plane: individualised for each patient to maximise breast shape, projection, and coverage

Breast Augmentation Revision

As a highly skilled plastic surgeon, Dr Jack Zoumaras is often referred and sought out to correct and revise breast augmentation surgery. Dr Zoumaras offers the following techniques for correction and revision depending upon the examination and operative findings. Most corrections take place through an IMF incision.

Capsulectomy and Replacement of Implants

In extreme cases of capsular contracture and implant rupture, the entire capsule and implant are removed and new implants are exchanged for the damaged older ones.

Partial Capsulectomy and Capsulorraphy

When the capsule is healthy but a breast revision is required, then only part of the capsule is removed and the rest of the capsule can be manipulated to create a new pocket for the new implant.


An implant can be removed, and the capsule can be sutured together where appropriate. This enables a completely new pocket to be formed either above or below the muscle or dual plane. The neo-pocket allows for a pseudo-primary breast augmentation.

Internal Flaps and Internal Bra

Capsular flaps, adipose flaps, and capsular sutures enable the internal breast pocket to be advantageously manipulated during breast augmentation revision and secondary or tertiary breast augmentation. The use of such flaps is considered a form of “internal bra” where the breast tissue is shaped to hold the new implant in an aesthetically desirable position.

Fat Grafting

The use of fat grafting around the chest wall can help give balance and symmetry to breast augmentation results.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have


After breast augmentation surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressings and an elastic bandage. A surgical garment will be placed over the implants. To reduce swelling and to provide support to the breasts, a sports bra is recommended to be worn for several weeks after surgery. It is important to keep the incisions clean. To aid in healing, ease discomfort, and prevent infection, medications will be prescribed.


Depending on the incision location, scars will either be through the armpit, under the breast crease, or around the areola. Typically, these scars are minimal and will fade over time. Dr Zoumaras will recommend a course of treatment for your surgical scars, including taping.


Dr Zoumaras offers customised breast augmentations designed to meet each patient’s individual goals. Depending on the breast size, shape, and extent of the procedure, pricing will vary. The cost will also differ based on hospital fees, anesthesia fees, and other related fees.


Minimal pain and discomfort are normal after surgery. For the first few days after breast augmentation, you should expect some soreness and swelling. Medication will be provided to alleviate any pain.


The best candidates are women who would like to change the size, shape, or symmetry of their breasts. Candidates should also be in good health and have realistic expectations.

Dr Zoumaras recommends that patients maintain a stable weight for at least three to six months and are not planning on becoming pregnant within 12 months.

No. After surgery, you will be closely monitored for a few hours and then released to go home.

Recovery will be about two to four weeks. During this time, you should refrain from physical activity. You may return to work after a week or earlier depending on the work you do. Working out at the gym or attending gym classes like “Body Pump” is not recommended for six weeks.

Results are expected to last many years. However, your implants may need to be replaced eventually in the future. Changes in the implants can develop due to weight fluctuations, aging, hormonal factors, and gravity.

Yes. Breast augmentation is commonly combined with breast lift surgery, tummy tuck surgery, and liposuction.

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