The Art of a Facelift by Dr Jack Zoumaras (Part 1)

A facelift is a plastic surgical procedure that aims to reverse the ageing process and take at least a decade off your life. A facelift targets the cheek, lower face and jowl area and when combined with a neck lift rejuvenates the face from below the eyes. A combined blepharoplasty and brow lift enables a complete facial rejuvenation. For this blog, I will focus on the evolution of my preferred facelift technique and my passion in being a Facelift Plastic Surgeon.


The word facelift has a lot of connotations in society, and early facelifts in the 1970s and 1980s did tighten the skin to such an extent that it was obvious. Since that period of time, plastic surgeons have refined and understood the applied anatomy of the ageing face. This has enabled the evolution of a more sophisticated facelift with dramatic results that are not obviously ‘surgical’. Yet few surgeons take advantage of this advanced anatomy. My preferred method of facelifting at Artiste Plastic Surgery is the High SMAS facelift. 

Facelift Journey

As a young doctor during medical school and internship I always wanted to be a Plastic Surgeon and I had a particular interest in the face. I wanted to be a facelift Plastic Surgeon. Forward the clock 19 years and I am proud and humbled to be offering expert facelift services to Sydney and beyond at Artiste Plastic Surgery. During medical school I was fortunate to undertake an 8 week elective in Plastic Surgery in Manhattan with world renowned plastic surgeons operating on the face. In very simplistic terms New York is very much a facelift city in comparison to Los Angeles which is more breast and body. This exposure heightened my interest in the face and during plastic surgical training I found operating on the face to be very rewarding. I enjoyed the pressure of perfection that goes with operating on somebody’s face and the rewarding outcomes. I have operated on thousands of faces from facial lacerations, fractured jaws, cheek bone and eye sockets and complex facial reconstructions. These reconstructions are from trauma, tumours and congenital causes. This training and broad exposure of facial surgical anatomy gave me a tremendous amount of experience and motivation to focus my private practice on facelifting and face lift surgery. After completing plastic surgery training, I spent a further two years overseas working in Manhattan, New York, and other Facelift centres in the USA and Paris to apply all my facial surgery anatomy to aesthetic and cosmetic surgery of the face. Every morning in New York I would attend a master class of face lift surgery by the masters in New York and then spent the day in the operating room performing facelifts and neck lifts. I was fortunate to work with many Facelift plastic surgeons in the USA with different ideas and techniques of executing the Face Lift. This background was further enhanced and added to by my time in Paris performing ear reconstruction and Facelifts with a European flavour. This experience of complex reconstructive facial training in Australia and aesthetic Facelift training in New York and Paris has shaped my philosophy and art of a Face Lift today. 

I offer a number of different facelift options at Artiste to the patient and this is what sets us apart as a facelift centre of excellence. 

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