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Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Why is Double Eyelid Surgery Popular?

Model featured in photography

before and after photos of a woman who's just undergone double eyelid surgery. for demonstration purposes

The impact of Western beauty standards has become so far-reaching that double eyelids have become a desirable feature among Asians. The first recorded procedure of a double eyelid surgery being conducted for aesthetic purposes can be traced as far back as the early 19th century.

M. Mikamo, considered Japan’s father of cosmetic surgery, performed it on a patient who’d never been outside the island country. But as deep-rooted Japanese traditions slowly melded with the West, such traits were slowly being established as markers of beauty.

Why has double eyelid surgery become so popular? The rise in popularity of double eyelid surgery is complex. Let’s dive deep into these.

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Also known as Asian blepharoplasty, double eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure that creates or enhances a crease in the upper eyelid. 

People with Asian heritage, notably about 50% of East Asians, naturally have monolids. This means there is no visible crease above their eyelashes. 

Double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty introduces this crease, leading to a more defined, open-looking eye shape.

Why Has Double Eyelid Surgery Become So Popular?

before and after photos of a woman who's just undergone double eyelid surgery. for demonstration purposes

The decision to undergo double eyelid surgery is personal, but several key factors are driving its increasing popularity.

Historical and Cultural Influences

The desire for double eyelids in many Asian countries cannot be separated from the historical influence of Western beauty ideals. Traditionally, single eyelids, or monolids, were a common and celebrated facial feature across Asia. 

However, with increasing exposure to Western media and the spread of globalisation, a distinct shift in beauty standards began to emerge.

Western Beauty Standards: The portrayal of people with large eyes and prominent double eyelids in Western media shaped a new ideal. 

While diversity in beauty is essential, it’s not difficult to imagine these images would create a perception that single eyelids were somehow less attractive or desirable.

Changing Perceptions: There’s still a growing acceptance of diverse beauty standards in recent years. Movements celebrating Asian features like monolids are gaining traction.

However, the lingering impact of historical beauty ideals continues to influence people’s choices about their appearance.

Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

Double eyelid surgery is sought after for practical and aesthetic reasons. Here are some key benefits of the surgery.

  • Enhanced vision: Excess eyelid skin tends to obstruct peripheral vision in some cases. Removing this excess skin through double eyelid surgery can potentially improve the visual field.
  • Brighter, more open eyes: The most common motivation is creating larger, more defined-looking eyes with a visible crease. This can rejuvenate the overall appearance and make the eyes seem brighter and more alert.
  • Makeup application: A defined double eyelid can simplify makeup techniques like eyeshadow blending.
  • Reduced eyelid hooding: The skin loses elasticity as we age. Double eyelid surgery may help address sagging or drooping of the upper eyelids, a condition known as eyelid hooding.
  • Improved symmetry: Double eyelid surgery can create a more balanced and symmetrical appearance for people with asymmetrical eyelids (meaning one eye has a crease and the other doesn’t).

Increased Accessibility and Technology

Technological advancements have changed double eyelid surgery. Minimally invasive suture techniques and refined incisional methods contribute to faster recovery, reduced scarring, and more natural-looking outcomes.

Additionally, increased competition among skilled eyelid surgeons can make the procedure more accessible financially, particularly in countries like South Korea.

This high concentration of plastic surgeons within the market fosters competition and inevitably drives costs down. The normalisation of cosmetic surgery discussions on social media can also influence accessibility.

Open conversations reduce stigma and make it easier for people to find reliable information and connect with experienced plastic surgeons.

Celebrity and Influencer Impact on Double Eyelid Surgery

Celebrities play a significant role in shaping beauty standards and influencing cosmetic surgery trends. When high-profile stars like Jackie Chan and Kyuhyun from Super Junior, openly discuss their double eyelid procedures, it normalises this type of surgery.

Seeing celebrities embrace a transformed appearance can fuel their fans’ and followers’ desire for similar results. In turn, this can lead to increased demand for double eyelid procedures.

However, it’s also crucial to recognise the influence of these celebrities and influencers who undergo such cosmetic procedures. Their platforms often reach large audiences.

Again, the decision for surgery should always be personal. Awareness of celebrity and influencer culture can shape our perceptions of beauty and our understanding of what’s considered normal or desirable.

Celebrating Natural Beauty

While double eyelid surgery offers an option for those desiring a specific aesthetic, celebrating the diversity and beauty of single eyelids should be the norm.

Many celebrities proudly embrace their natural features and serve as powerful role models. K-pop stars like Seulgi (Red Velvet) and Xiumin (EXO) are admired for their captivating single-lidded eyes.

Models and fashion icons like Liu Wen also showcase their unique beauty on global runways, breaking traditional beauty standards.

Embracing and celebrating natural features fosters self-love and body positivity. Movements showcasing the beauty of single eyelids inspire and remind us that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Key Takeaway

The choice to change one’s appearance is deeply personal. Whether you embrace natural features or explore the possibilities of cosmetic surgery, beauty can be found in all forms.

If you’re considering Asian cosmetic double eyelid surgery in Sydney, a consultation with Artiste Plastic Surgery’s Dr Jack Zoumaras can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your individual goals and celebrates your unique beauty. 

Disclaimer: At Artiste Plastic Surgery, our Plastic Surgeons led by Dr Jack Zoumaras have been trained to the highest possible degree. All surgery has risks and it is always advised to get a second opinion. Risks are very real and we cannot guarantee any result. Results are illustrated as a guide only. All risks are managed and any need for revision surgery or complications (1-5%) can be managed by our specialist plastic surgeons.

Any statements on how you will feel is based on Level V Evidence:

Level V:  How you will feel after plastic surgery varies between individuals, depending on psychological and physical factors. Our internal research is based on how patients in our practice feel after surgery.

The blogs are not a substitute for a medical consultation and do not form as part of the doctor to patient relationship.


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