Facial yoga: 5 steps to prevent facial wrinkles


Facial Yoga: 5 Simple Steps

At Artiste Plastic Surgery our mission is to provide you with an anti-ageing pathway for life. Whether you want a facelift as Dr Jack Zoumaras is an expert Facelift plastic surgeon or filler, Artiste is the destination to provide you with the best plan and this starts with Facial Yoga.

In the same way that you exercise to tone your body and limb muscles, targeted exercising of your facial muscles with facial yoga will improve the resting tone of your face and minimise wrinkling. All you need to do is the following exercises for 30-45 seconds each, once a day. That’s less than 5 minutes a day to improve the tone of your face.

Anatomically the facial muscles are divided into the upper, middle and lower face. The upper face consists of the forehead and eyebrow. The midface includes the lower eyes, nose and cheek and the lower face includes the jowls, lateral cheek and neck.

1. Upper Face

Look up all the way and down all the way in a controlled fashion. Repeat this 5 times. This exercises the frontalis muscle in the forehead that leads to horizontal facial lines.

2. Upper Face and Eyes

Your index finger is applied between the eyes (Glabella region) firmly. Apply firm pressure for 30 seconds and then massage in a circular motion. This will improve tone in the procerus and corrugator muscles that give vertical lines between the eye.

3. Eyes

V technique: Place your index finger and middle finger either side of each eye brow and press firmly. Next with fingers applied to the eyebrow begin to focus on a object in the distance forcing a squint from your eyes till you tire. This will activate the orbicularis muscle around the eye improving its resting tone. The muscle normally causes wrinkling around the eyes called the ‘crows feet’.

4. Mouth

To exercise our mid and lower face we activate the orbicularis oris (lip muscle). This will mitigate against wrinkles around the mouth. All you need to do is make a ‘O’ shape and a ‘Smile’ without showing any teeth. Repeat this 7 times.

5. Neck

For the neck we have the fun exercise called the Giraffe. It begins with hype-extension of your neck and face to the point your neck feels tight. Once in this position retract your lower jaw in including the lips. Hold and repeat 7 times.


Supplementary Exercise

In order to stimulate the overall blood flow to your face, pinch your lower jaw and neck and ear for 30 seconds.

There you have it 5 simple exercises that minimise facial wrinkling. See our facial yoga video link on facebook.

Sneak Peak at our anti-ageing pathway:

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