How can I prevent ageing of my face?

How can i prevent ageing of my face? do i need to see a plastic surgeon

The answer is a resounding YES

A Plastic Surgeon is in a unique position to understand the anatomy and physiology of facial ageing and can assess this dynamic process in each patient. A tailored approach can then be used to reverse and prevent more ageing.

Remember a Plastic Surgeon is the expert when it comes to the face.

Dr. Jack Zoumaras of Artiste Plastic Surgery is a facial expert.

Preventing Facial Ageing

Staying out of the Sun

  • Australia is blessed with sunny days and gorgeous beaches, but we need to act against the harmful UV light. Not only does sun damage lead to skin cancers but it also leads to premature ageing. Solar elastosis is common in sun exposed skin and leads to wrinkling, blotching and weakness of the skin.
  • Remember cover up and “slip, slop and slap”

Eating a balanced diet

  • A diet that is made up of essential vitamins and nutrients helps your cells maintain a homeostatic balance that prevents against free radical damage.
  • Fresh food as opposed to processed and refined food
  • Eat in moderation…a small amount of Chocolate is okay especially dark

Regular Exercise

  • Part of a health lifestyle is regular physical activity
  • Helps to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to your skin

Drink Water

  • It is important to drink 2-3 litres of water a day to maintain your skins hydration.

Stress control

  • Stress can lead to high blood pressure
  • Stress causes an increase in free radical production which damages cells and the skin
  • How you deal with stress is an individual thing (meditate, be in touch with your spiritual side, reading, relaxation)
  • Controlling your stress will counter ageing
  • It is no secret that those under the strain of significant life events age


I Have some Ageing what can i Do?

Non surgical options at artiste plastic surgery

Anti-wrinkle Injections

The use of toxins are a great way to start reversing and preventing facial wrinkles. From a subtle lift to the brow to an elimination of forehead lines, anti wrinkle injections can freshen and begin the age reversal.

Dermal Fillers

The use of collagen substitutes such as Hyaluronic Acid (Juvederm, Restylane etc) can fill medium to fine lines on the face. They can also be used to correct the dark shadows under the eye. This is suitable for both younger and older patients. Dermal fillers of course are the most popular way to augment the lips.

Skin Tightening

Do you have some loose skin or want a lift but not ready for surgery. Ultherapy skin tightening could be for you. Using ultrasound technology the Ulthera device heats up the deep layers of facial skin to encourage the formation of new collagen that tightens the skin envelope.

Chemical Peel

A controlled chemical reaction applied to the skin in a lunch time procedure will freshen your look. Depending on how much down time you have a medium to deep peel can be used to help with fine lines, blotchiness and pigmentation.


Dermabrasion is the physical removal of skin cells with a diamond burr instrument that unveils the formation of new skin with fewer lines.


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