Adult Content. Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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How does a Deep Plane Facelift work?

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Are you considering a facelift? There are many different types of facelifts, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll discuss deep plane facelift surgery—what it is and how it’s different from other types of facelifts.

What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

A deep plane facelift is a type of cosmetic surgery that can address several concerns related to aging, including loose skin, deep wrinkles, and loss of volume. This procedure can provide significant results that last for many years, making it an attractive option for patients who want a long-term solution.

While a deep plane facelift is a more invasive procedure than some other types of facelifts, the results are often worth the extra effort. 

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The Deep Plane Facelift Procedure

A deep plane facelift is an advanced facelift technique that repositions muscle and skin layers in one flap, resulting in quicker recovery. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about two hours to complete.

The surgery begins with an incision made along the hairline, often extending in front of the ear, which allows access to the underlying structures of the face. The surgeon will then reposition and tighten the muscles and connective tissues, as well as remove any excess fat. 

Once the deeper structures have been repositioned, the skin will be redraped over the newly positioned tissue, and any excess skin will be trimmed away. Stitches or surgical tape will be used to close the incisions.

What Are the Advantages of a Deep Plane Facelift?

  • Creating a natural look – One of the main benefits of a deep plane facelift is that it can give patients very natural-looking results. This is because the procedure targets the deeper layers of the skin, which helps to create a more lifted and youthful appearance.
  • Restoring lost volume – As we age, we lose volume in our faces, which can contribute to an aged or sagging appearance. A deep plane facelift can help to restore lost volume, giving you a fuller, more youthful look.
  • Long-lasting results – Another great advantage of a deep plane facelift is that it can provide long-lasting results. This is because the procedure addresses the underlying structure of the face, which helps to create lasting changes.
  • Minimal downtime – Deep plane facelifts also tend to have minimal downtime, which is another big advantage for busy patients. The procedure is typically performed under twilight anesthesia, meaning patients can usually go home the same day as their surgery.
  • Less swelling and bruising – Another advantage of a deep plane facelift is that it often leads to less swelling and bruising than other types of facelifts. This is because the surgeon can avoid disrupting the blood vessels in the face, leading to less bruising and swelling.

Dr Jack Zoumaras’ Expertise in Deep Plane Facelift

As one of Australia’s most experienced and sought-after facial plastic surgeon, Dr Jack Zoumaras is highly skilled in performing deep plane facelifts.

His extensive experience with this facelift technique ensures that patients achieve natural-looking results, allowing them to regain confidence and enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Dr Zoumaras’ technique gives a precise incision placement resulting in minimal scarring that is not visible to the naked eye. And  the No “windblown” or “pulled” look technique can give your skin a natural vertical direction, mimicking your natural smile.

Here you can view actual before and after plastic surgery procedures of Artiste Plastic Surgery’s previous patients.

If you’re considering a deep plane facelift, there’s no one better to trust than Dr Zoumaras. Schedule an appointment now. 

Disclaimer: At Artiste Plastic Surgery, our Plastic Surgeons led by Dr Jack Zoumaras have been trained to the highest possible degree. All surgery has risks and it is always advised to get a second opinion. Risks are very real and we cannot guarantee any result. Results are illustrated as a guide only. All risks are managed and any need for revision surgery or complications (1-5%) can be managed by our specialist plastic surgeons.

Any statements on how you will feel is based on Level V Evidence:

Level V:  How you will feel after plastic surgery varies between individuals, depending on psychological and physical factors. Our internal research is based on how patients in our practice feel after surgery.

The blogs are not a substitute for a medical consultation and do not form as part of the doctor to patient relationship.


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