Fat Dissolving Injection Treatment

fat dissolving injection

Fat dissolving injections consist of a naturally occurring liver enzyme (that metabolises fat) that is synthetically made to treat fat in the submental region (under the chin). It is an injectable and non-surgical treatment for the “double chin” and fatty neck.

It is approved for use in the submental region. The area is defined in the front part of the neck above the thyroid cartilage and just under the chin. The lateral extent is the sternocleidomastoid muscle


Who is suitable for injection?

Anyone with submental fat is suitable for injection

Ideal for those with fat directly under the chin “double chin”




The fat to be injected is present under the chin just below the skin and above the platysma muscle (pre-platysmal fat). The fat is grasped between thumb and forefinger while the other hand injects the fat directly.

When the product is injected into fat, it damages the fat cell and the fat subsequently dissolves and is excreted by the body. The product stays in the body for up to 3 days where swelling is normal and expected. Over the next few weeks the body works to absorb and excrete the remnant fat cells and the resulting submental area has less fat with tighter skin.

A minimum of 2 treatment sessions with a range of 2-6 sessions spaced at least 6 weeks apart is required for optimal results. The spacing apart is required to enable the body enough time to eliminate the fat remnants once it is dissolved with the injection. Subsequent treatment sessions often involve less product. It is not possible to inject all the fat cells in one session.