Prominent Veins/Spider Veins

Prominent Vein, Spider veinsSpider veins, prominent veins and varicose veins all result from poor venous return in the lower legs. This occurs in many adults with ageing as a result of prolonged periods of standing and sitting and may be exacerbated by changes in hormone levels during childbirth and menopause.

Spider veins are thin walled blue veins that can be a cause of embarrassment to adults. They are located superficial as distinct from larger prominent veins (reticular veins). The tell tale signs are small veins around the knee that become prominent with time and initially blanch (disappear) on pressure to veins that persist and slowly enlarge.

At Artiste Plastic Surgery prominent veins are treated by the following modalities:

  • Injection of Sclerosant
  • Laser
  • Direct excision

Sclerosants work by causing an inflammatory reaction in the vessel wall that then promotes the destruction of the veins.

Lasers work by targeting haemoglobin and causing the heating and destruction of the superficial veins.