A scar is the end product of insult to the skin.

A scar develops as part of the normal wound healing process. Within 2 to 3 days of the skin’s surface being injured, scar tissue fills in the injured area to close the wound.

Immediately following wound healing, a scar is usually red in appearance and is referred to as an ‘immature’ scar. Between 3 months and 2 years the scar should become paler, flatter and softer and can then be referred to as a ‘mature’ scar. To help your scar mature it is recommended that you massage and moisturise your scar.

All scars should be monitored carefully and if your scar becomes a problem please contact us.

The goal of any scar is to be placed in a natural skin crease and to heal with minimal visibility. Unfortunately some scars do not heal well due to technical and local factors. Scars may be in an obvious location, may be too tight and worse hypertrophic or keloid in nature.

As part of Artiste Plastic Surgery commitment to minimal scarring and expert care Dr Jack Zoumaras will tailor a scar management program specific for your incision and monitor this to you achieve a minimal fine line scar.

At Artiste Plastic Surgery scars can be improved with the following techniques:

  • Injection of Steroid
  • Taping and Silicone gel
  • Simple scar revision with re-excision and suturing
  • Z-plasty
  • W-plasty
  • Flap repair
  • Dermabrasion
  • Laser