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Enhance facial features and correct unwanted characteristics of the nose with rhinoplasty surgery or nose job.

The nose is the focal point of the face.

The structures of the nose are in close relationship with the chin and the eyes, making the nose an important facial characteristic. When the nose is too big or too small, has an unruly bump, or lacks definition, it can often disrupt the entire facial harmony. Those who are unsatisfied with their nasal appearance may be considering plastic surgery to reshape the nasal structure. Rhinoplasty is a common procedure performed to correct the cosmetic concerns of the nose.

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Learn about the types of Rhinoplasty procedures Dr Jack Zoumaras offers and why patients commonly consider a Rhinoplasty.

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Rhino Plasty

Improved Nasal Contours

Rhinoplasty is performed to reshape and resize the nose to create a smoother, more defined nasal structure. Whether a patient wants a smaller nose, to correct a crooked septum, or to remove a dorsal hump, Dr Zoumaras will employ a customised procedure for each patient. Patients can expect a better-sculpted nose with a beautifully defined nasal profile.

Better Facial Symmetry

Since the nose resides in the middle of the face, it isn’t surprising that it affects the entire facial appearance. Dr Zoumaras can make small changes to the nose by addressing the nasal tip, nasal dorsum, and bone/septum. Once the nose is structured into the desired shape, many patients will notice how small alterations to the face can create better facial symmetry.

Increased Confidence

Many people may not feel confident showing off their face, especially taking pictures, when they are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. After the appropriate corrections are made, patients will be excited about the transformation made to their entire facial appearance. They can happily smile in pictures knowing they have a nose that doesn’t stand out but rather blends in with the rest of the face.

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