Over 200 million men and women all over the world suffer from excessive sweating. While sweating on a hot day or after a run is normal and healthy, many people sweat so often and to such a degree that it becomes a source of anxiety for them. If you experience social distress because of your excessive sweat, you might feel that you have run out of options. Changing your antiperspirant may not have worked, altering your diet probably had little effect, and you likely saw no significant improvement with a changing of clothing material. Chances are none of these treatments worked because they didn’t target the actual source of your sweating: the sweat gland.

Treatment for Excessive Sweating


What Causes Excessive Sweating?

Sweat is important for maintaining the health and comfort of your body. It is a cooling mechanism designed to help regulate your body’s temperature. When apocrine glands in the armpits are stimulated by a neurotransmitter from the brain, they produce a thick fluid that helps cool down the body. Body temperature, hormone levels, emotional states, and physical exercise can all signal the brain to make the glands produce sweat. Excessive sweating occurs when the apocrine gland is sensitive to stimuli or when the gland is permanently stuck in the “on position.”

Problems With Excessive Sweating

The largest problem with excessive sweating is chronic body odor. When the fluid produced by the apocrine gland comes into contact with bacteria on the skin, it creates an unpleasant smell. People that suffer from excessive sweating often have trouble controlling this odor. Many people who sweat excessively also feel that they need to constantly change clothes, and fear of their sweating impacts them socially and within their intimate relationships.

Effectively Treat Excessive Sweating

Other treatments don’t correct excessive sweating because they don’t treat the source of the problem. Science and clinical results have shown that anti-wrinkle injections can treat excessive sweating. Anti-wrinkle injections block nerve impulses and don’t allow nerves to receive messages from neurotransmitters. Preventing the release of acetylcholine by the apocrine glands stops the gland from producing sweat.

These injection treatments are fast and require no recovery time. Results last up to six months, although repeat treatments may be necessary to maintain your results. However, many men and women are extremely satisfied with the effective control of their excessive sweating and believe the repeat treatments are very worth it.

If you suffer from excessive sweating and wish to receive treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr Zoumaras today. Contact our office at 02 9327 1700, or fill out our online contact form for additional information.   


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