Benefits of a Neck Lift

Take a moment to observe a turkey’s neck, and you will notice that its neck has muscle banding and excess fleshy material. Now take a moment to imagine the same muscle banding and excess fleshy material on your own neck. Immediately, you will know that this is not a desirable feature. However, this visualisation may also make you realise that your neck has developed some of these unpleasant features. If your neck is beginning to look wrinkled with loose and sagging skin or if you have a double chin and a less-defined jaw, you should consider getting a neck lift.

How the Appearance of Your Neck Impacts Your Overall Appearance

If the above visualisation experiment did not effectively illustrate how the appearance of your neck impacts your overall appearance, here are some more illustrations. A youthful, slender neck will be tight and firm with no loose skin, no double chin, and no muscle banding. Over time, the neck can develop wrinkles, skin laxity, and excess fat. The tissues of the neck become weaker with age and may also develop vertical muscle bands. In truth, an older neck may lose much of its youthful definition, causing the chin to appear weak and the jawline undefined. It is so easy to pay attention to the face in the mirror that many of us forget that the neck is right beneath it and can completely change our appearance.Neck Lift - Before and After

How a Neck Lift Can Improve Your Appearance

A neck lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can be performed on its own or along with a facelift. As a single procedure, the neck lift can rejuvenate the neck by correcting skin laxity and fat deposits in the neck area. Dr Zoumaras performs liposuction to remove the excess fat. To remove excess neck skin, Dr Zoumaras makes a minor incision beneath the chin or behind the ears to tighten the tissues and create a smoother, more youthful neck contour.

How a Neck Lift Can Enhance a Facelift

Individuals can heighten the benefits of their facelift procedure by combining it with a neck lift. A neck lift as part of a facelift will include an additional small incision beneath the chin. Through this incision, Dr Zoumaras will reposition the neck muscles, glands, and fat to improve your neck contour. Depending on your age and anatomy, here are some of the improvements that a neck lift can provide:

  • A more defined and youthful chin, jawline, and neck relationship
  • Removal of fat
  • Trimming of the submandibular gland
  • Trimming of the digastric muscles
  • Suturing muscles together
  • Removal of excess skin
  • Elimination of active neck muscle bands

On its own or with a facelift, a neck lift can restore a more harmonious and pleasing youthful appearance to your neck and your overall appearance.

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