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Artiste Facelift and Face Menu

2017 marks a new year and a new you as we introduce our new Facelift Menu for our patients. This Facelift and Face Menu is designed for all patients, desires, and ages, and it gives patients the sensible option of seeking an expert face opinion from a plastic surgeon whether it be for Cosmetic or

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How Effective Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because it is essentially two procedures in one: fat is liposuctioned from one area of the body where it is not needed and then injected into another area for augmentation. This procedure has been practiced for more than 30 years, and new techniques are constantly

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Fat Can Be a Good Thing!

Fat: its existence can be dreadful and unpleasant. Sometimes, it can sneak up on a person. It can be hard to get rid of, and most people quiver at the thought of it. For years, people have been trying several fat-removal methods. Diet, exercise, “magical” pills, and surgery have been most people’s way of attempting

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Sculpt a More Beautiful Face With Cheek Augmentation

Your cheeks – the fleshy areas beneath your eyes, above your mouth, and to the sides of your nose – play a major role in the appearance of your face. Makeup artists often use blush and other shading methods to improve the appearance of cheek contour. If you are unhappy with the shape of your

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Natural Enhancement with Fat Transfer

Fat transfer has quickly become one of the most talked about cosmetic procedures. It provides the ultimate dream scenario: the ability to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body and use it to plump up another. Women especially love the idea of removing their “saddlebags” or “love handles” and putting that fat in

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