Adult Content. Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Category: Otoplasty

before and after image of a man who has undergone otoplasty surgery in sydney from dr jack zoumaras

Does Otoplasty (Ear Pinning Surgery) Hurt? | What You Must Know

Many people considering otoplasty or ear pinning surgery dream of a more balanced appearance, but understandably worry about the potential for pain.  It’s common for people to wonder if this surgical procedure is painful. The short answer is yes, there will be some discomfort involved. However, it’s often less painful than anticipated and completely manageable

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How Children Will Benefit From Otoplasty

While protruding ears don’t pose any hearing problems to children, this can subject them to the teasing and bullying of other children. Because of this, children may suffer from far-reaching consequences including loss of self-esteem and poor academic performance way into their adulthood. Ear surgery or otoplasty is done to correct protruding or bat ears

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Otoplasty or Prominent Ear Correction

Otoplasty is a plastic surgery operation to correct prominent ears or bat ear deformity as referred to be Medicare. The term “Oto” is Greek for ear and “plasty” is Greek for to mould and to shape. What is the downtime of Prominent Ear Correction? The downtime is approximately 5 days and the procedure itself takes

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5 Reasons for Ear Surgery

An injury or genetic deformity of the ear can have a lifelong negative impact on a person if it is not corrected. Some defects can cause hearing loss or discomfort, while others appear abnormal and can lead to low-self esteem. Here are a few of the reasons Dr Zoumaras’ patients have chosen otoplasty. Cauliflower Ear

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“Bat Ear” Correction: Otoplasty

Ears that stick out, especially on children, can cause a person to have insecurities about their facial appearance. The nickname “Dumbo” is often adopted by bullies on the playground towards children with large, protruding ears. Having prominent ears that resemble a bat’s ears can instigate teasing from a child’s peers and affect his or her

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