Do I Need a Nose Splint After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nose Splint - Rhinoplasty Surgery Aftercare

If you’ve just had nose rhinoplasty, you may be wondering why your doctor is having you wear a nose splint for the following weeks. Artiste Plastic Surgery explains what you need to know about nose splints below:

What Are Nose Splints?

Nose splints are small devices made from plastic or silicone that stabilise the nose after a surgery. Internal nose splints are attached to the nostrils with a few stitches while external splints are held in place with medical tape or are glued to the skin using an adhesive.

How do Nose Splints Work?

Since the tissue is fragile after a nose job surgery, splints are used to maintain the new size and shape of the nose. They also help protect the nose in case you actually bump it days after the surgery. An internal splint starts at the nostril’s opening and extends into the nasal cavity, supporting the nose from the inside. An external nose splint has a narrow end placed across the nose’s upper bridge and a wide end covering the lower part of the nose.

Why Do I Need a Nose Splint

Nose splints help minimise swelling and help your nose heal safely. They also hold the cartilage and bone in place, allowing them to heal in their new position. A professional nose splint, one provided by your doctor,  can reduce the risks of after-surgery complications such as malposition, filler migration and implant displacement. If you have an external splint, it also serves as a visual reminder to be careful and keep your nose protected until it fully heals. Splints are commonly used after plastic surgery rhinoplasty, sinus surgery, septoplasty and nasal fracture repair.

While proper post- and aftercare are important factors that affect the results of a nose job surgery, it’s also important to find a professional clinic to perform the procedure. Artiste Plastic Surgery is the trusted cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Sydney providing world-class services. Schedule a consultation today.


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