How to Properly Prepare for a Facelift

Deciding on getting any cosmetic surgery or facelift is a big investment, and preparing for a procedure takes more than just arriving at the clinic and lying on the operating bed for several hours. Preparing for a facelift surgery takes weeks in advance before the actual day, and there are several do’s and don’ts to follow for a successful procedure.

Artiste Plastic Surgery gives you the rundown on what to do at least two weeks before your facelift in Sydney. Follow these steps to be sure you get the best results for one of the biggest decisions in your life.

Facelift Surgery Preparation: General Do’s and Don’ts

During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will give you specific instructions to strictly follow to ensure no problems will happen. These include:

  • Smoking cessation between two to four weeks prior to the procedure
  • No intake of aspirin or blood thinners a week before the cosmetic surgery or facelift
  • Keeping your face clean and free from any makeup and creams on facelift day
  • Doing any hair treatment weeks in advance as it will be a while before you can get another treatment

Why are these guidelines important? Smoking, certain medications, and hair colour treatments inhibit healing or will cause problems in blood clotting and bleeding and can create complications during your procedure.

Now that you’re prepared, add these additional tips to your calendar. If you have any questions or some hesitations towards certain guidelines, call us over at Artiste Plastic Surgery for more information for your facelift in Sydney.

Two Weeks Before Cosmetic Surgery or Facelift

This is around the time you’ll have an initial consultation with your plastic surgeon. If requested, be sure to bring any lab test results or medical evaluations so that they can take note of any details regarding your overall health. You need to be transparent with your surgeon about your health, including lifestyle habits and any medications that you take.

As early as two weeks, or even a month before procedure day, stop smoking. Smoking cessation will continue even after your cosmetic surgery or facelift so that your skin can heal properly (if you’re looking for a reason to stop smoking, facelift surgery is a good one).

If everything goes well and your surgeon gives you the go signal, you have nothing else to do for the next fortnight but follow their instructions.

Forty-Eight Hours before Facelift Surgery 

Refrain from drinking alcohol at least two days before your surgery. Alcohol dehydrates your body and may prolong your recovery period. Around this time, you can also call your plastic surgeon for additional questions you need to be answered before your procedure. Eat properly, stay hydrated, sleep well, and reduce stress before your facelift surgery.

Also, best to call a friend or relative to pick you up after your procedure.

The Day of your Facelift Surgery

It’s procedure day! You’ve followed the guidelines your plastic surgeon has given you, and today you’re ready to go under the knife. Before arriving at the clinic, however, you don’t need to be made up. Come in with thoroughly washed hair and skin free of any makeup, moisturizers, day creams, and other skin care or cosmetic products that could infect your skin during the procedure.

Cosmetic surgery and facelifts take around three to six hours, depending on your needs, so dress up comfortably. Wear a button-down shirt or a tee with a zipper in the front to prevent your clothes from getting in contact with your facial wounds post-surgery. Use thongs as footwear to avoid bending down after surgery.

Having a facelift in Sydney is as easy as pie with Artiste Plastic Surgery. Look young, feel confident and reclaim your beauty with our range of cosmetic procedures, from facelift surgery to rhinoplasty and neck lifts. Book an appointment with us today.


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