Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Marionette Lines: What Are They and How to Treat Them

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Have you noticed those vertical lines that extend from the corners of your mouth down to your chin, making you look older and perhaps even a bit sad? Those lines are called marionette lines, which concern some people as it affect their overall look.

In this blog, Artiste Plastic Surgery discusses the causes of marionette lines and how a deep plane facelift procedure can help eliminate them.

Deep Plane Facelift Before and After

What are Marionette Lines?

Marionette lines are wrinkles or creases that form vertically from the corners of the mouth to the chin. They get their name from the resemblance to the strings that control the movement of marionette puppets. These lines can deepen over time, making the face appear tired, sad, or even angry.

Causes of Marionette Lines

  • Age-related changes: As we age, the skin’s natural elasticity decreases, leading to sagging and the formation of wrinkles. 
  • Repeated facial expressions: Smiling or frowning can contribute to developing these lines over time. 
  • Lifestyle Habits: Factors like smoking, sun exposure, and poor skincare can exacerbate the appearance of marionette lines.
  • Genetics: Some people may have a genetic predisposition to have thinner or less elastic skin, making them more prone to developing wrinkles and lines, including marionette lines.

How does a Deep Plane Facelift effectively eliminate marionette lines?

A deep plane facelift is a cosmetic surgery designed to address signs of ageing in the lower face and neck, including marionette lines. Unlike traditional facelift techniques that focus primarily on tightening the skin, a deep plane facelift targets the underlying structures, such as muscles and fascia, to achieve more natural and long-lasting results.

By lifting and repositioning the underlying tissues, the deep plane facelift can restore youthful contours and smooth out marionette lines, resulting in a more refreshed appearance.

The Benefits of a Deep Plane Facelift

  • Long-lasting results: Unlike non-surgical treatments that offer temporary improvements, a deep plane facelift provides more permanent results. It addresses the root cause of marionette lines, ensuring a lasting improvement in facial appearance.
  • Natural-looking outcome: By repositioning the deeper tissues, the deep plane facelift produces a more natural-looking outcome, avoiding the pulled or overly tight appearance sometimes associated with traditional facelift techniques.
  • Addressing Signs of Ageing: In addition to treating marionette lines, a deep plane facelift can address other signs of ageing, such as jowls, sagging skin, and loss of volume.

Read more on the pros and cons of Deep Plane Facelift: The Pros and Cons of Deep Plane Facelift

Eliminate Marionette Lines with Dr Jack Zoumaras

Marionette lines are a normal part of the skin ageing process. And if you want to address this sign of skin ageing, reach out to a reliable specialist plastic surgeon like Dr Jack Zoumaras of Artiste Plastic Surgery.

Dr Jack is one of the few surgeons that offer a deep plane facelift in Sydney. With his experience and unique surgical technique, he has produced natural-looking facelift results, addressing various signs of skin ageing. Book a consultation with us today.

Disclaimer: At Artiste Plastic Surgery, our Plastic Surgeons led by Dr Jack Zoumaras have been trained to the highest possible degree. All surgery has risks and it is always advised to get a second opinion. Risks are very real and we cannot guarantee any result. Results are illustrated as a guide only. All risks are managed and any need for revision surgery or complications (1-5%) can be managed by our specialist plastic surgeons.

Any statements on how you will feel is based on Level V Evidence:

Level V:  How you will feel after plastic surgery varies between individuals, depending on psychological and physical factors. Our internal research is based on how patients in our practice feel after surgery.

The blogs are not a substitute for a medical consultation and do not form as part of the doctor to patient relationship.


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