Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Plastic Surgery is invasive and has risks.

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Dr Jack Zoumaras is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Founder of Artiste Plastic Surgery and current Hon. Secretary of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr Jack Zoumaras has a deep knowledge on the face, a Face Lift Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney, Australia.

The following is an extract from a Professional Writing Piece from a upcoming Journalist from Griffith University, they do not necessarily represent view point of Artiste Plastic Surgery or any of its associates or employees.

Referencing Style: Referencing Guide, School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, Griffith University, Brisbane.

Face value: The benefits of radio frequency micro-needling

Vivace RF MicroNeedling delivers statement skin through controlled trauma.

With only six devices throughout Australia, Vivace is the most exclusive technology in facial rejuvenation. This revolutionary non-surgical answer to a mini-Facelift is the secret to the fabulous skin of Sydney’s A-list. Artiste Medi-Spa in Darling Point offers the Vivace experience which combines micro-needling, radio frequency and LED to stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin production contouring and tightening the skin.

Myriads of complications during cosmetic dermatologic treatments are on the rise. Adverse effects have been reported from treatments including laser hair removal, laser rejuvenation techniques, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, extractions and injectables. According to Dermatologic Surgery, the grey-area of industry policy clouds the roles between medicine and beauty. Resulting in failure to discern between who should perform cosmetic treatments. Loose policy guidelines have led to an abundance of inexpensive Medi-chain, chain spa and non-certified clinics.

There is a lack of consumer education regarding the importance of qualified practitioners says Practice Nurse Tania De Freitas. “Unfortunately, the industry is unregulated, surgically and non-surgically and that is the reason for so many complications arising over the last few years”, she says. De Freitas has been in plastic surgery for thirteen years and said there is a risk with any form of treatment. “I’ve seen patients come in to see surgeons because they don’t even know what filler is being injected into their face,” she continues. “If they don’t like the results it’s quite difficult to reverse that result and sometimes there is a need for surgical intervention”.

Comparing dermatologic treatments can reveal huge differences between sound practices as can be seen with micro-needling technology. Vivace delivers the latest in aesthetic enhancement by stimulating the skin to reach its optimal potential. Radio frequency and hydraulics deliver unmatched precision micro-needling. “What makes Vivace different is that the practitioner has full control over the depth of the needles and the amount of the energy that is delivered,” De Freitas says. Compared to the previous micro-needling treatment which employed a roller going over the skin tearing, “lifting and traumatising” causing redness, bleeding and extended downtown.

According to Dermatologic Surgery, minimally invasive fine needles puncture the skin creating micro-wounds that stimulate the production of growth factors, collagen and elastin. This process kick-starts the skins natural response mechanisms achieving lift, tightening and smoothing results. Dermatologic Surgery outlines how numerous dermatologic conditions including scarring are treated by disrupting dermal collagen that tethers scars causing “dermal remodelling and skin resurfacing”.

Maintaining youthful skin can be demanding and presents many risks that may permanently damage the skin. Researching and choosing a reputable and certified clinic and treatment are vital to skin care. Sydney-based International Model Mitchell Wick chooses Vivace to keep his skin in optimal condition. Completing the Artiste Signature skincare package just before jetting out to Miami Mitchell says he loves the results.

Artiste Medi Spa is one of Australia’s first plastic surgery clinics to own the exclusive Vivace device. Artiste staff are world-wide trained leaders in anti-ageing strategies. We are only interested in investments that deliver medical-grade results, says Artiste General Manager Maria Zoumaras. Vivace’s optimal results are achieved by customising each treatment and with minimal to zero pain, no downtime with immediate results that improve over time it is the newest in-demand treatment at Artiste says Practice Nurse Tania De Freitas.

Medical research has also reported significant improvement in skin conditions and dermal scarring including stretch marks. Dermatologic Surgery reporting clients achieved up to 100 percent improvement. From only $770, Vivace is a sound investment promoting the health of the skin to its optimal potential delaying the need for surgical rejuvenation by up to 10 years. Contact our team at Artiste Medi Spa for a consultation on 02 9327 1700.

Disclaimer: At Artiste Plastic Surgery, our Plastic Surgeons led by Dr Jack Zoumaras have been trained to the highest possible degree. All surgery has risks and it is always advised to get a second opinion. Risks are very real and we cannot guarantee any result. Results are illustrated as a guide only. All risks are managed and any need for revision surgery or complications (1-5%) can be managed by our specialist plastic surgeons.

Any statements on how you will feel is based on Level V Evidence:

Level V:  How you will feel after plastic surgery varies between individuals, depending on psychological and physical factors. Our internal research is based on how patients in our practice feel after surgery.

The blogs are not a substitute for a medical consultation and do not form as part of the doctor to patient relationship.


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