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Vivace RF Microneedling Article by an upcoming Journalist

Dr Jack Zoumaras is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Founder of Artiste Plastic Surgery and current Hon. Secretary of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Jack Zoumaras is an expert on the face, a Face Lift Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney, Australia.   The following is an extract from a Professional Writing Piece from a

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How to Reduce Scarring After Surgery

The ability of the body to heal after surgery or any type of wound is truly amazing. A scab forms to clean out dead skin and blood cells, and new tissue and collagen rebuild the area in the form of a scar. Dr Zoumaras takes great care to disguise scars within the natural folds of

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What to Expect With Scar Revision

Scars result from incidences we usually don’t want to remember, such as injury, surgery, acne, or other blemishes. They are often inconsistent in colour and texture compared to the surrounding skin and can be visually distracting and uncomfortable. Scar revision techniques may not completely erase a scar, but they can optimise its appearance by improving

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