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Before, During and After Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to Your Booking: FAQ   How much is it for surgery? All Plastic Surgery provided by Artiste is bespoke and Dr Jack Zoumaras has created various options for each procedure that sets our clinic apart. For example eyelid surgery can vary from $2000 to $8000 for the surgical fee, depending upon extent of surgery.

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5 Steps to Minimise Bruising after a Facelift

  Step 1: Before Your Surgery It is important to avoid foods that increase your risk of bleeding. And I don’t mean medications such as aspirin and warfarin. Certain food varieties and additives thin your blood and increase bleeding after surgery Lettuce, berries, walnuts, green tea, grape juice, dark chocolate, garlic, fish all have blood

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What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty, in layman’s terms, is known as a nose job. It’s a procedure that can achieve many functional and cosmetic outcomes. As a patient, it’s good to know the difference between rhinoplasty that’s carried out for cosmetic reasons and rhinoplasty that is done for medical reasons. Rhinoplasty surgery can effectively alter the appearance of

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Facial Yoga: 5 Steps to Prevent Facial Wrinkles

Facial yoga: 5 steps to prevent facial wrinkles   Facial Yoga: 5 Simple Steps At Artiste Plastic Surgery our mission is to provide you with an anti-ageing pathway for life. Whether you want a facelift as Dr Jack Zoumaras is an expert Facelift plastic surgeon or filler, Artiste is the destination to provide you with

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The Art of a Facelift by Dr Jack Zoumaras (Part 1)

A facelift is a plastic surgical procedure that aims to reverse the ageing process and take at least a decade off your life. A facelift targets the cheek, lower face and jowl area and when combined with a neck lift rejuvenates the face from below the eyes. A combined blepharoplasty and brow lift enables a

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How to Get the Best Body Lift Results

Body lift surgery is one of the most transformational procedures. Patients who have lost a massive amount of weight are typically left with excess skin on their arms, legs, and midsection. During one procedure, these areas can be addressed with the removal of excess skin and fat. Recovery from this procedure has the potential to

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