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What if I was to tell you that there is an injection that will dissolve fat!

Tired of elongating your neck in a selfie? Then this fat busting injection is for you.   fat busting injection  A new fat busting injection is marketed in Australia is now available at Artiste Plastic Surgery. A naturally occurring liver enzyme, the fat busting injection is synthetically manufactured and has just been launched and approved in Australia

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Artiste Facelift and Face Menu

2017 marks a new year and a new you as we introduce our new Facelift Menu for our patients. This Facelift and Face Menu is designed for all patients, desires, and ages, and it gives patients the sensible option of seeking an expert face opinion from a plastic surgeon whether it be for Cosmetic or

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The Best Season for Plastic Surgery

If you’re wondering when to plan your plastic surgery procedure, there is no time like the present. In the United States, bright autumn leaves decorate the ground, the days have become shorter, and the weather is cold. Meanwhile, those of us in Sydney are just finishing up our winter. While the seasons and temperatures here

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What to Expect With Scar Revision

Scars result from incidences we usually don’t want to remember, such as injury, surgery, acne, or other blemishes. They are often inconsistent in colour and texture compared to the surrounding skin and can be visually distracting and uncomfortable. Scar revision techniques may not completely erase a scar, but they can optimise its appearance by improving

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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Spring and summer are seasons of socialising. Routines begin to change as school comes to an end, and plans are made for weddings, vacations, pool parties, and relaxation. You can look your best in pictures and in person at all of these activities with some of the fast, non-surgical procedures Dr Zoumaras offers. Reduce Wrinkles

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Winter Means Be Kind to Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is crucial all year round. However, it is especially important to take care of the skin during the drier, colder months. The skin on the hands and face tends to crack easily or flake, making someone appear older and less flattering. So, before you step out into the cold, we

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Treating Excessive Sweating

Over 200 million men and women all over the world suffer from excessive sweating. While sweating on a hot day or after a run is normal and healthy, many people sweat so often and to such a degree that it becomes a source of anxiety for them. If you experience social distress because of your

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Sculpt a More Beautiful Face With Cheek Augmentation

Your cheeks – the fleshy areas beneath your eyes, above your mouth, and to the sides of your nose – play a major role in the appearance of your face. Makeup artists often use blush and other shading methods to improve the appearance of cheek contour. If you are unhappy with the shape of your

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Treat Unsightly Spider Veins

While veins are often visible through the skin, sometimes they become prominent and unsightly. Spider veins are noticeable, unattractive veins that look like red or blue jagged and spiky tree branches. They can appear over a small or large surface area on your face or legs, and they often make people feel self-conscious about their

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Non-Surgical Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

You may have noticed that when you look into the mirror, your face doesn’t appear as youthful as it once did. Crow’s feet have likely started to form around your eyes, you can’t smooth out your deep brow wrinkles, and those lines around your mouth appeared out of nowhere. You have to face the facts:

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