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Which Facelift is Best for Me?

Dr Jack Zoumaras is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Founder of Artiste Plastic Surgery and current Hon. Secretary of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Jack Zoumaras is an expert on the face, a Face Lift Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney, Australia. Having a Facelift is one of the biggest decision you will make as

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Beyond Surgery: Face Options at Artiste, Facials, Peels and more

At Artiste Plastic Surgery we pride ourselves on being all things face and a beacon for surgical and non surgical expertise of the face. Our founder Dr Jack Zoumaras is a Facelift plastic surgeon and Face expert in Sydney and Australia. Whether you are in your early 20s through to your 60s and beyond Artiste

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What Are the Best Pre-Wedding Procedures?

There are plenty of non-surgical and surgical procedures that will help a bride feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day. While virtually any procedure can help you look your best, some may require planning ahead. Below are some of the best pre-wedding procedures and how to schedule them at just the right time. Freshen

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Artiste Facelift and Face Menu

2017 marks a new year and a new you as we introduce our new Facelift Menu for our patients. This Facelift and Face Menu is designed for all patients, desires, and ages, and it gives patients the sensible option of seeking an expert face opinion from a plastic surgeon whether it be for Cosmetic or

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What to Expect With Scar Revision

Scars result from incidences we usually don’t want to remember, such as injury, surgery, acne, or other blemishes. They are often inconsistent in colour and texture compared to the surrounding skin and can be visually distracting and uncomfortable. Scar revision techniques may not completely erase a scar, but they can optimise its appearance by improving

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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Spring and summer are seasons of socialising. Routines begin to change as school comes to an end, and plans are made for weddings, vacations, pool parties, and relaxation. You can look your best in pictures and in person at all of these activities with some of the fast, non-surgical procedures Dr Zoumaras offers. Reduce Wrinkles

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Wounding Skin for a Youthful Complexion

Having beautiful facial skin is important in helping a person to feel young and confident. In the colder winter months, the skin has trouble staying moisturised and fresh and tends to flake or dry out. Many have tried over-the-counter products in addition to a healthy skin care regimen but failed to achieve results. What if

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Say “I Do” to Cosmetic Treatment

One of the most special days of a couple’s life is their wedding day. All the planning, preparation, and stress leading up to the big day can make getting married a little hectic. All you want for your wedding is for every detail to be perfect, including how you both look. You want to look

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