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Dr Jack Zoumaras on the High SMAS Facelift

We caught up with the esteemed Dr Jack Zoumaras to chat about the High SMAS Facelift, the topic of his presentation at the recent 42nd ASAPS Conference in Brisbane. Dr Zoumaras says his priority is making his patients happy, and his focus on striving for perfection keeps him always asking how he can do better.

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The Truth Behind Deep Plane Facelift Myths

From laser treatments and injections to traditional surgery, patients today have a variety of options when dealing with signs of ageing. However, because of the large number of options available, many myths about traditional methods, like facelifts, have sprouted. Artiste Plastic Surgery shares some common misconceptions about deep plane facelift surgery and the truth behind

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Facelift Procedures Post-Coronavirus

Cosmetic procedures, such as facelift surgery, have been put on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began. While we’ve been adjusting to what everyone calls a ‘new normal’ to ensure everyone’s safe at home, we’ve been using video conferencing more often. With a host of apps and platforms available on the market, it’s not hard to

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Why does Dr. Jack Zoumaras Facelift Technique Differ?

Why Dr Jack Zoumaras Artiste Face Lift Technique is Different Minimising Facelift Scars Dr. Jack Zoumaras places incisions along the shadows of the ear and behind the tragus to ensure that the incision will not be visible. The Facelift incision then extends along the temple hairline. This incision is placed at 45 degrees to the

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Thread Lift vs. Injectables vs. Facelift: Which Is Best For You?

Choosing between different types of facelift procedures can be a daunting task. It is important that you select the type of facelift surgery that best fits your budget, requirements and lifestyle. It’s a good idea to learn more about the types of facelift surgeries before consulting with a plastic surgeon. Here are 3 of the

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Different Kinds of Face Lifts

The signs of aging start to appear as young as 30, and sometimes even younger if you’re not careful with your lifestyle. When those lines start to appear and grow deeper and deeper by the year, you might want to consult with a plastic surgeon. They will advise you with different treatments to bring back

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How to Properly Prepare for a Facelift

Deciding on getting any cosmetic surgery or facelift is a big investment, and preparing for a procedure takes more than just arriving at the clinic and lying on the operating bed for several hours. Preparing for a facelift surgery takes weeks in advance before the actual day, and there are several do’s and don’ts to

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The Rising Popularity of Facelifts for Men

Women are often the patients of cosmetic surgery and facelifts throughout the world, but men are gradually embracing such procedures, sometimes called the “Daddy Do-over,” to complement their diet and exercise regimen and boost their confidence. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that there have been 1.3 million cosmetic surgeries performed on

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What Are Non-Surgical Facelifts and How Do They Work?

While surgical facelifts require overnight hospitalisation, long recovery periods and large incisions, their non-surgical counterparts do not. The latter is often a combination of minimally invasive procedures that are designed to help rejuvenate the appearance. That said, just because a non-surgical facelift in Sydney has less post-op discomfort and downtime than a traditional one doesn’t

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Deep Plane Facelifts: What are They and Do I Need One?

With society’s ever-changing and ridiculously high beauty standards, getting a nip and tuck here or something tightened there in an effort to combat the signs of ageing is normal. Facelifts, for instance, are popular for reversing the ageing process and rejuvenating the appearance. Deep plane facelift in Sydney is a kind of facelift that focuses

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