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What is a Brazilian Buttock Lift?

A Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) is cosmetic plastic surgery aimed at enhancing the shape of the buttock or gluteal area. Why is BBL so popular in North America and trending in Australia? In today’s society we are more connected than every, we can dial food at the click of a button and get transported to

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What Are the Best Pre-Wedding Procedures?

There are plenty of non-surgical and surgical procedures that will help a bride feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day. While virtually any procedure can help you look your best, some may require planning ahead. Below are some of the best pre-wedding procedures and how to schedule them at just the right time. Freshen

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Should I Get Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck?

Many men and women have stubborn fat on their abdomen that a healthy diet and exercise regimen cannot remove no matter how valiant the effort. Aging, pregnancy, a slowed metabolism, genetics, and weight fluctuations are common causes of the protruding “gut” or layer of fat that resides just below the skin’s surface in the abdomen.

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Fat Can Be a Good Thing!

Fat: its existence can be dreadful and unpleasant. Sometimes, it can sneak up on a person. It can be hard to get rid of, and most people quiver at the thought of it. For years, people have been trying several fat-removal methods. Diet, exercise, “magical” pills, and surgery have been most people’s way of attempting

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Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back: The Mummy Makeover

Bringing a wonderful new human life into the world has a cost. Some of the common costs that mothers pay are their firm tummies, lean figures, and perky and full breasts. In the end, a new mother has the blessing of a beautiful child, but the reality of a stretched abdomen, stubborn fat, and saggy,

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Your Surgical Journey With Plastic Surgery

Every individual who undergoes plastic surgery will have a unique experience. When you first meet with Dr Zoumaras, you will begin a surgical journey that is specifically tailored to your needs. Dr Zoumaras designs an individualised treatment plan for every one of his patients to provide them with the best and most successful plastic surgery

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